Black Point Manor
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Geneva Lake plays host to thousands upon thousands of vacationers each year, looking to get away from all of the hustle and bustle of city and suburban life. Those seeking thrills can fill their daylight hours on a jet-ski, kayak, or waverunner. Those looking for serenity can waste the hours away with their feet up in an Adirondack chair, a good book in one hand, and a cool glass of sangria in the other.

They all have a need, and the lake provides. But for those of us who live our lives by the water, who came to its shores and found themselves truly at home, the experience is something different altogether. Lake life isn’t something that we look forward to for a few weeks out of the year; it’s in our veins. It’s an attitude, a way of life that permeates everything we do. It means smiling and waving to people you’ve never met, simply because you both inhabit the same amazing community. It means turning off your phones and tablets, because there is a sunset or bonfire that’s beckoning. It’s about knowing thata place so many are longing to travel to all year is just a few simple steps outside your front door.

As a real estate veteran who’s helped hundreds of families with their real estate needs, I have found my niche in the Geneva Lakefront market. The lake is the crown jewel of our community, providing relaxation for some and an adrenaline boost for others. I am excited to connect buyers and sellers of all kinds on these picturesque waters. No shoes. No schedule. Just 26 miles of breathtaking shoreline, and one perfect way of life. Together, let’s make sure that your summer vacation never has to come to an end.